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A tight tye dye dress, she was a psychedelic mess

Till it pumps in death.

31 October 1985
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I have my tongue, belly button, lip and nose pierced, and my ears pierced thrice. My natural hair color is light golden blonde, but i've dyed it every color of the rainbow. right now it's reaaaaaaaaaaaal blonde. with golden blonde roots? i have blue eyes and i would die without eyeliner. I'm not tall, but i'm not short, i'm 5"6, but i'm still taller than alot of people. I'm loud, annoying, immature and sometimes a bitch. shit talkers and fakes piss me off alot. I can't stand people who don't appreciate their friends. I have ADHD & Insomnia. I'm a paranoid kid. deal with it.The Misfits are amazing. i've loved them for a long time, and i always will.I walk fast & I can distort my face like mad fucking insanity to make the most hidious faces known to human kind. i love taking pictures. Zebra & Leopard print are my fucking love.
IN CONCLUSION:i'm gross♥
I'm Shaw
More commonly called Shawna
Don't question it.
I pretty much live off strawberries and sugar♥
Love me anyways?

People are afraid to say what they mean,
or keep on talking if it's not about them
I don't say I hate them before they hate me
I've just shut down cause I know what we're all thinking
we're just going by the numbers,
dragging along were just clinging on to someone,
anyone suck the blood and leave the carcass, now we're full.
lie to not disrupt the balance, it balances
We're all fake!

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